Fuel oil

Fuel oil

Fuel oil A
1. Bunker Type 1 or Bunker A, or Bunker 600 (Fuel 600, 2% sulphur)

Bunker A is high quality with low viscosity, and convenient to use. It is appropriate for middle and small industries e.g. hotel or hospital in the communities due to the complete combustion and low soot.

Fuel oil C
2. Bunker Type 2 or Bunker C or Bunker 1500 (Fuel Oil 1500, 2% sulphur)

This type has medium viscosity and suitable for large furnace in medium and large industries having efficient combustion system and engines. Bunker C is the most commonly used and it is cheaper than Bunker A.


1. High Speed Diesel and Biodiesel (B5)

The fuels are suitable for diesel-engined car with a speed range between 1,000 revolutions per minute e.g. truck, train or pick-up. Also, it is suitable to be used in a boiler or direct burn of industrial plant

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